• Road Closed Building Works

    Work on the site is not likely to be constrained to the fields.
  • Coggeshall Sign Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be converted to a maze of narrow streets and cramped housing.
  • Coggeshall Sign Our Identity

    The Clock Tower and village sign are distinctive landmarks within the village.
  • Construction Equipment Disruption

    Building work on this scale will cause severe congestion and delays within the village.
  • Scout Hut Scout Hut

    This building has recently been built to replace the existing village Scout hut. In agreement with Honywood school both sides invested to build something that neither could afford alone. This is to be destroyed in the planned rebuild of the school.
  • Area 2 Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be converted to a maze of narrow streets and cramped housing.
  • Character Distinctive Buildings

    Coggeshall is full of buildings with history that can easily be identified and do not merge into one.
  • Tilkey Road Tilkey Road

    Currently the estate will access the end of Tilkey Road only with a footpath and cycle way, but will this route be expanded to include traffic?
  • Diggers in the Street Delays

    Construction traffic will be travelling through the village on a daily basis.
  • Listed Houses Character

    The village has a high proportion of listed houses and it is this that makes is attractive.
  • Fields Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be built upon reducing the natural drainage on the hill above the village.
  • Central Coggeshall Idyllic

    Our small community looks inwards towards its heart.

Coggeshall Community Action Group Newsletter August 2014

We hope everyone has had a great summer. During the holiday period CCAG has been working hard to make sure that we are ready to respond when the planning application goes in. We will be holding another public meeting in the next few weeks; details will be posted on the website and facebook.


We now have £811.60 in our bank account. Thanks so much for all your donations. Money raised will be used to pay for the professional services we will need to use in order to make a successful appeal against a planning application. Car stickers are available from Craig at Demon Barber and tee Shirts from bev@jadesflowers.co.uk

Help Needed!

We still require professional help so if you are a professional in drainage, sewerage, law, town planning, water etc. please contact us through the web site info@coggeshallcommunityactiongroup.com.

Help Needed on Thursdays!

We would like to run a stall at the market giving out information and selling tee shirts, car stickers etc.
You won’t have to run the stall by yourself as there will be a CCAG committee member with you.
If you are prepared to help with this please contact Bev on 07710 401474

Charity Commission

You may already be aware that CAUSE (see Committee News below) wrote to the Charity Commission outlining our concerns about Marks Hall’s plans. The Commission has informed us that Marks Hall must explain how the sale of the land is considered in the best interest of the Charity otherwise they will not be allowed to go ahead. THE COMMISSION WILL TAKE INTO ACCOUNT ANY REPRESENTATIONS MADE BY THE PUBLIC OPPOSING THE PROPOSAL.
Please write to the Charity Commission. Details are on the CCAG website.

Protest Walk

Join us at 11.30am on Sunday 14th September at the village clocktower.
We will peacefully walk to and through Marks Hall on public footpaths.
Wear your CCAG tee shirt and bring a placard and a bucket for donations. The Police are aware of this event. We will be inviting local press to cover it. Let’s show Marks Hall and Honywood what we think of their plans for our village!


Our committee has grown over the last few weeks as we have been joined by friends from other pressure groups. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and some great contacts. Our new members come from: CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England), CAUSE (Campaign Against Urban Sprawl in Essex) and SLNT (Save Lives Not Time).

Newsletter Download!

Yes now that you have read the CCAG newsletter you may wish to download a copy of it to share with your friends and neighbours. You can do so below, note that each of these documents will be provided as PDF documents to prevent alteration and misrepresentation.


Who To Contact?

There are several people that you can choose to contact and we will be happy to give you their details. However right here we will list the main three individuals that you should write to immediately, they are...

Graeme Fraser Steele,
Marks Hall Estate, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1TG
Mr Simon Mason,
Honywood Community Science School, Westfield Drive, Coggeshall, CO6 1PZ
Priti Patel MP,
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Media Coverage

We are contacting local papers, radio and TV to raise awareness of this proposal and potential destruction of our village.

For more on this subject follow this link...

Planning Issues

Plan, click to view in full

Above is a small image of the proposed plans, by clicking on the map you will be able to see the plan in full.

For more on this subject follow this link...

Traffic Issues

Save Lives Not Time

There are several issues that this proposed development will cause in regard to traffic.
This is one of the most dangerous roads in the country as amply detailed at Save Lives Not Time.com .

For more on this subject follow this link...

Green Issues

The removal of so much green space immediately around the village, green space, will of course have an impact upon the whole community.

For more on this subject follow this link...


We are lucky in having the best resource possible, the backing of our community. With individuals of many trades and varying years in experience we have formed the CCAG to combat the poorly thought out plans for our village.

For more on this subject follow this link...