• Road Closed Building Works

    Work on the site is not likely to be constrained to the fields.
  • Coggeshall Sign Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be converted to a maze of narrow streets and cramped housing.
  • Coggeshall Sign Our Identity

    The Clock Tower and village sign are distinctive landmarks within the village.
  • Construction Equipment Disruption

    Building work on this scale will cause severe congestion and delays within the village.
  • Scout Hut Scout Hut

    This building has recently been built to replace the existing village Scout hut. In agreement with Honywood school both sides invested to build something that neither could afford alone. This is to be destroyed in the planned rebuild of the school.
  • Area 2 Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be converted to a maze of narrow streets and cramped housing.
  • Character Distinctive Buildings

    Coggeshall is full of buildings with history that can easily be identified and do not merge into one.
  • Tilkey Road Tilkey Road

    Currently the estate will access the end of Tilkey Road only with a footpath and cycle way, but will this route be expanded to include traffic?
  • Diggers in the Street Delays

    Construction traffic will be travelling through the village on a daily basis.
  • Listed Houses Character

    The village has a high proportion of listed houses and it is this that makes is attractive.
  • Fields Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be built upon reducing the natural drainage on the hill above the village.
  • Central Coggeshall Idyllic

    Our small community looks inwards towards its heart.

Green Issues

Flooding In Coggeshall

The removal of so much green space immediately around the village, green space which is not farmed; will of course have an impact.

Currently members of the village are raising this issue as previous builds have fallen far short of the specified requirements which has directly been attributed to flooding of houses in the centre of the village. Three documents detailing the issues in great depth can be found here Full Condition(1), Full Condition(2), and Full Flood Storage Provision.

Media Coverage

It is our intention to fully engage with both local and national media sources as we become more knowledgeable about both the Honywood School's and the developers intentions for this project. Until then watch this space as we continue to provide you with all of the information that you need.

Traffic Issues

Within the Coggeshall community and those that straddle or reside beside the A120 there are already great concerns about the safety of the A120 for both drivers and those that would wish to cross it.

Currently we do not intend to go into these details in depth as the Highways Agency advises us that they have not yet been contacted in regard to the plans that are shown here.

However if you do have concerns about the safety of the A120 please visit Save Lives Not Time.com .

Planning Issues

Plan, click to view in full

Above is a small image of the proposed plans, by clicking on this map to see the extent of the plan in full.

We as a group are strongly opposed to any construction on this site and will do all that we can to ensure that it does not come to pass.

Coggeshall is well known for its beautiful streets of listed historic buildings and became famous as a backdrop to the 'Lovejoy' television series in the 1980s and 90s. A housing development on the scale proposed by Honywood school and Marks Hall will change the character of this special place forever.

Next Meeting:

Many thanks to all those that attended the recent meeting we will be holding our next meeting in two to three weeks, confirmation of the date, time and location will be posted here, as well as a fresh poster.

Who To Contact?

There are several people that you can choose to contact and we will be happy to give you their details. However right here we will list the main three individuals that you should write to immediately, they are...

Graeme Fraser Steele,
Marks Hall Estate, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1TG
Mr Simon Mason,
Honywood Community Science School, Westfield Drive, Coggeshall, CO6 1PZ
Priti Patel MP,
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Letters from Honywood

The Honywood school has started its own marketing/publicity campaign to the communities surrounding Coggeshall. For the sake of full clarity a copy of the letter can be read Here. CCAG feel that it is important to add the following comments.

      1. Honywood DO NOT propose to accept more pupils on roll after the new build.
      2. The population of Coggeshall will be considerably greater AFTER the new build.

When allocating year 7 places for Honywood Coggeshall children have priority as they live nearest to the school. Consequently after the new homes are built and the population of the village increases there will be less places available for children from feeder schools in the outlying villages.