• Assembly Assembly!

    Crowds of villagers assemble for a peaceful walk of protest.

    Read about the Coggeshall protest walk below.
  • Walking Massed Ranks

    The massed ranks of community members walk the scenic route to make our protest..
  • Queue Traffic

    We ensured that we were not blocking the way of those wishing to leave Marks Hall.

    Read about the Coggeshall protest walk below.
  • Orderly Line Instructions

    Prior to setting off instruction about behaviour and trespass were given to as many as possible to ensure an orderly protest.
  • Picnic Scout Hut

    This building has recently been built to replace the existing village Scout hut. In agreement with Honywood school both sides invested to build something that neither could afford alone. This is to be destroyed in the planned rebuild of the school.
  • Waving Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be converted to a maze of narrow streets and cramped housing.
  • Character Distinctive Buildings

    Coggeshall is full of buildings with history that can easily be identified and do not merge into one.
  • Tilkey Road Tilkey Road

    Currently the estate will access the end of Tilkey Road only with a footpath and cycle way, but will this route be expanded to include traffic?
  • Diggers in the Street Delays

    Construction traffic will be travelling through the village on a daily basis.
  • Listed Houses Character

    The village has a high proportion of listed houses and it is this that makes is attractive.
  • Fields Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be built upon reducing the natural drainage on the hill above the village.
  • Central Coggeshall Idyllic

    Our small community looks inwards towards its heart.

Coggeshall Community Action Group

This website has been created by members of the Coggeshall Community Action Group (CCAG) to oppose and prevent the proposed Honywood build. A development of the size proposed will significantly change the nature of this lovely, historic village. In addition the population will increase by 20%, putting essential services under severe strain.

Rivenhall Incinerator

Dear All,
Please can I ask you all to make time to read the attached document (Link to document) regarding the proposal to develop an incinerator at Rivenhall. This document has been written by Nick Unsworth, a Coggeshall resident and engineer, who has investigated what is being proposed. I hope that once you have read it you like me will object to the proposal. You can do so by writing into the Essex County Council or by taking the following link to raise your objections: Essex Country Council, Planning Comments.
Martyn Lucas
Chair of the Coggeshall Community Action Group

Call of Sites

In 2014 Braintree District Council issued a “Call of Sites” to landowners, developers and their agents. This asked landowners to put forward areas that they thought might be a good location for new homes, jobs or other uses such as shops. This was the result.Call of Sites

Marks Hall Statement

"The Trustees of Marks Hall Estate note that the Essex County Council has decided not to support the Honywood Community Science School in the Honywood Project. The Trustees believe that it is now a matter for the School and the Essex County Council to consider between them. It is difficult to see how the necessary preliminary work needed to submit a planning application can be undertaken until and unless this aspect is resolved.
The Trustees of Marks Hall Estate wish to reiterate that they are bound to act in the best interests of the Charity. Securing the long term financial future of this historic and special place remains a firm objective and it is likely that the Trustees will explore future development opportunities on this or other suitable sites provided that these sit within the charitable objectives of Marks Hall. The Trustees will also continue to explore other fundraising avenues available and welcome suggestions and support from the community."

Essex County Council

The decision by the Essex County Council to not support the proposal to redevelop and relocate the Honywood School is welcomed by CCAG. (See attached ECC document). Essex County Council (ECC) is the freeholder of the land upon which the school is sited and thus their agreement is required before any such change of use, from educational use to the proposed residential use.
Martyn Lucas, Chair of CCAG, said “Without agreement from ECC there will need to be a major re-think on the scheme. We believe that this is a significant blow for this unsustainable and ill-conceived scheme however it is not the end of our campaign.
A copy of their decision can be read here: ECCW Decision Report 3 Nov 14

Car Sticker: Where to get it...

Car Sticker

For those wishing to support the CCAG in a visible way you can purchse these cars stickers from the Demon Barbers in Bridge Street. We are only asking for a modest amount for each sticker but should you wish to donate more to our cause we will greatfully accept.

A Report On the Walk

Community WalkingCCAG organised a walk from the village centre to Marks Hall on 14th September to protest against the proposed new build
Martyn Lucas, Chair of CCAG reported that
"The CCAG Committee were greatly encouraged to see so many people support this event. I believe we all had an enjoyable walk from the Clock Tower in Coggeshall to the Marks Hall Estate with families, friends and neighbours.. We estimated over 150 walkers with ages ranging from 2 to 80 years took part; so well done to everybody. We would also like to thank the 50 other people who waved us off from the village centre.
When we arrived at Visitor Centre we were surprised to see a number of Marks Hall "officials" standing around. We were unsure what they expected to happen and their use of cameras to repeatedly take photos of the CCAG walkers did appear to be an attempt at intimidation, but we didn’t let it worry us! Community ProtestingInstead we delivered our message in the form of a toy house representing the unwanted 350 houses that Marks Hall want to build in Coggeshall. Graeme Fraser Steele, Chair of the Marks Hall Trustees, was gracious enough to accept it and we await his response to our offer to arrange a public meeting in Coggeshall where he can answer our questions about the Honywood scheme."

The Facts

There is a good deal of confusion about what has been proposed by the Marks Hall Estate and Honywood School and why we have created this organisation to oppose it. Here we have assembled all of the facts as we understand them download the Factsheet.pdf to see the points.


PayPal LogoWe are delighted to inform you that CCAG will soon be able to accept donations and payments via paypal.


New items will be listed here to help spread information and keep you informed of any updates or changes on the site.


We would like to present a new page for our website on which you can read on the screen a copy of the most recent newsletter. Also in the future from this page you will be able to download our previous newsletters as produced by the CCAG. Visit the page by using the new link in the menu or by clicking HERE.

A Lighter Note

It is said that every group of people has its comedian and we are no exception. We have produced some promotional posters.

Media Coverage

We are contacting local papers, radio and TV to raise awareness of this proposal and potential destruction of our village.

For more on this subject follow this link...

Planning Issues

Plan, click to view in full

Above is a small image of the proposed plans, by clicking on the map you will be able to see the plan in full.

For more on this subject follow this link...

Traffic Issues

Save Lives Not Time

There are several issues that this proposed development will cause in regard to traffic.
This is one of the most dangerous roads in the country as amply detailed at Save Lives Not Time.com .

For more on this subject follow this link...

Green Issues

The removal of so much green space immediately around the village, green space, will of course have an impact upon the whole community.

For more on this subject follow this link...


We are lucky in having the best resource possible, the backing of our community. With individuals of many trades and varying years in experience we have formed the CCAG to combat the poorly thought out plans for our village.

For more on this subject follow this link...